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KATY, TX 77493
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Thank you to everyone that helped make this event a success.

My apologies if I leave anyone out

Brother Landon Roberts - Coordinating Bounce Houses

Brother Leo Rice - Hall Setup, lawn maintenance, and anything else that is needed

Brother Kirk Jurecka - Meal preparation - Thank you to all of the Brother Knights that assisted Kirk with the meal.

Grand Knight Mike Hurst - Sound System

Brother Craig Tompkins - Yard Games

To all the Ladies - Thank you for the wonderful desserts as well as all of your help at the event.

And Thank you to everyone who helped clean up after the event

It is my vision that this will become one of our biggest annual events that families look forward to.  This being our first year we had a great turnout and from what I could tell the kids had a great time.  If you have any suggestions for next year please let me know. 

- Chris Ramsey